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Why offset your trips ?

Offset a trip

Erase his carbon trail?

It is very easy to offset your trip’s CO2 emissions  in TripPlanter:

  • Specify the trip characteristics
  • Choose the trees to plant
  • Validate and proceed to the payment.

An email is sent to the planter to confirm his action and give him the login information giving access to the personalization of the Web page of his trip.

Visit the trip offsetting page to get started.

Thank you

Which approach for calculations?

Calculations are performed based on average figures. By using averages we are able to easily provide calculations on any trip. Otherwise we would have to go into so many details that making calculations would become unmanageable and would require users to enter so much data that the process would become difficult and discouraging.

Furthermore, precise figures are always questionable depending on the points of view or the elements taken into account.

So the rule is: acceptable averages allow us to carry out our quite reasonable carbon offset.

What is the basis for the calculation of the CO2?

The calculations are based on average indexes published by agencies that are authoritative in the matter.

The major indexes used are: