TripPlanter Pro

Boost your Business through carbon offsetting of trips

Option for travel agencies and airlines

Add a carbon offsetting service to your b2c offer

Improve your offer

Increase your profits

Reduce your costs of acquiring new customers

Improve your customer relationship

Strengthen your image

And take action for the environment



  I offset CO2 from my trip

Customers love trees and are aware of the CO2 emissions their trips generate. By giving your customers the chance to make a positive action when they book a trip, you can increase your conversion rate
A simple checkbox can change everything.

TripPlanter PRO Basic

The TripPlanter Pro Basic program provides you a web module you can integrate into your website to let your customers compensate their trip’s CO2 emissions. This module is customizable so that it fits seamlessly into your website.

TripPlanter PRO Premium

Subscribe to the TripPlanter Pro Premium to integrate our CO2 offsetting toolset into your applications and websites. Tree-Nation’s API allows you to automate tasks, track customers, get stats and access your corporate forest.

The ease of integration in the sales process

A simple checkbox on Web pages or a small question on the part of the commercial assistant is sufficient for the integration of the module of carbon offsetting. An email then gives instructions to the traveller to customize and share his travel offset on the Internet.

Customer loyalty by the private space of travellers

The private space of the traveller is the basis for the strengthening of the customer relationship. It includes offsetted trips and the preferences of the traveler. It is also a place of direct contact with him. Emails sent to the traveler for his action of compensation of CO2 and its private space constituted the core of loyalty.

2 strategies

Strategy 1

Offer carbon offsetting and sell the service to customers on voluntary basis

Strategy 2

Offer the first tree to boost the image of the company and speed up the loyalty

Choose your version of TripPlanter

TripPlanter Pro Basic TripPlanter Pro Premium

Web module
Selection of species
Web links
Social network sharing

Options Pro Basic
Customizing texts Emails
Trade integration
API access

Basic Lounge VIP lounge
Basic customization Premium customization
Overall statistics Detailed statistics
1 unlimited
1 unlimited
200 € on quote
10 € / month 0 € / month
10 / month 150 / month
Low price
Low High
Email Email + phone

You inform customers

Tree-Nation takes care of the rest

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